Editor Tutorials

Complete Video Tutorials for mastering the all-powerful Editor.

Tutorial 32: Building a Skill Game

Ultimate Tutorial: Learn to make your own skill games

Tutorial 31: Building a Super Cross Track

Love Super Cross tracks? Learn how to make one in the Editor

Tutorial 30: Advanced Checkpoint

Custom respawning? There's a tutorial for that. Check it out in the Advanced Checkpoint tutorial

Tutorial 29: Object Position Event

Moving objects outside of the Physics Bubble? Learn about it with the Shogun

Tutorial 28: Controller Inputs

Want to make a FPS or Flight-sim? You need to know this stuff

Tutorial 27: Operations

Surgeon Extraordinair, Cannibal Shogun, shows you how operations work in the Evo Editor

Tutorial 26: Filters

Once again, Cannibal Shogun teaches you! Learn about Filters here!

Tutorial 25: Datasources

Don't like math? Don't worry, you'll still like Datasources

Tutorial 24: Other Events

For events that don't fit our other tutorials, check out this tutorial

Tutorial 23: Object Events

Cannibal Shogun shows you how to manipulate objects with object events.

Tutorial 22: Bike & Rider Events

Want to make the bike fly across the world with jet-like force? This tutorial is for you

Tutorial 21: Triggers & Impulses

Learn how to start using triggers with your handy-helper-host Cannibal Shogun

Tutorial 20: Physics Joints

Learn how to open new worlds in the editor in this tutorial all about Physics Joints

Tutorial 19: Custom Collision

Setting up custom collision is a breeze in this tutorial

Tutorial 18: Physics Forces

In this lesson we will look at the forces you can use to manipulate physics objects in game.

Tutorial 17: Lights

The Cannibal shows you how different lights work

Tutorial 16: Sound Sources

Cannibal Shogun shows you how to create good player immersion by using sound sources

Tutorial 15: Area Tools

Learn how to use tools that affect areas of your track

Tutorial 14: Custom Environment Settings

Shogun shows you how to change the environment settings to fit the theme of your tracks

Tutorial 13: Terrain Modification

Change up the landscape of the map to create tracks from the environment

Tutorial 12: Seed Buildings

Learn how to use seed buildings to get the right look for your creations

Tutorial 11: Editor Settings

Learn how to change the settings to configure the Editor to your liking

Tutorial 10: Glueing, Grouping, and Favorites

Shogun shows you the ways to group your objects, and reuse your constructs, in Tutorial 10

Tutorial 9: Physics Bubble

Learn about the Physics Bubble and how it affects your custom tracks

Tutorial 8: Bike & Rider

Cannibal Shogun shows you how to adjust options for the Bike & Rider in this Editor Tutorial

Tutorial 7: Custom Cameras

Next we learn about setting up a custom camera in the Evo Editor

Tutorial 6: Advanced Game Camera

In this lesson Mr. Shogun explains how to setup an advanced camera in the Editor

Tutorial 5: Objects Advanced Properties

Today we learn about the advanced object properties in the Pro Editor

Tutorial 4: Basic & Advanced Track Settings

Cannibal Shogun shows us how to adjust track setting in the Evo Editor.

Tutorial 3: Object Basics

Our fearless host shows us how to adjust Object Basics and navigate object menus.

Tutorial 2: Spline Points & Checkpoints

Cannibal Shogun walks us through the differences between spline points and checkpoints, and how to use them.

Tutorial 1: Basics

Cannibal Shogun shows us the basics on how to get started with the Trials Evo Editor.

Tutorial 0: Introduction to the Editor

Cannibal Shogun introduces us to the Trials Evolution Editor.